Statement Regarding Equatorial Guinea’s Presidential Inauguration

Republic of Equatorial Guinea Releases Final Presidential Election Results

Eq Guinea vote credible despite concerns

Presidential Campaigning Officially Begins in Equatorial Guinea
11/06/09 Country committed to fair elections will offer public funds to all parties running

Equatorial Guinea Pardons Prisoner Simon Mann for Humanitarian Reasons
11/03/09 Country committed to strengthening human rights releases British mercenary to receive needed medical treatment

DECREE Num. 117/2.009. dated November 2nd, in which is authorized complete Pardon for Humanitarian reasons to the prisoners NICOLAAS SERVAAS DU TOIT, SERGIO FERNANDO PATRICIO CARDOSO, JOSE PASSOCAS DOMINGOS AND GEORGE OLYMPIC NUNEZ ALERSON.

DECREE Num. 116/2.009. dated November 2nd, in which is authorized complete Pardon for Humanitarian reasons to the prisoner SIMON FRANCIS MANN.
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Obiang warns US and Europe of growing piracy in Gulf of Guinea

Equatorial Guinea Warns U.S. and Europe Not to Ignore Growing Security Threat in Gulf of Guinea

Republic of Equatorial Guinea Congratulates President Barack Obama on Receiving Nobel Peace Prize

“Equatorial Guinea is growing terrifically fast. The fastest [growing country in 2006] was Equatorial Guinea, which averaged annual growth between 1995 and 2005 of 20 percent a year.”
— Eric Swanson, head of the Global Data Program, The World Bank

“The government of the United States recognizes and applauds the commitment of the government of Equatorial Guinea to this initiative [new Social Development Fund] that benefits the people of Equatorial Guinea. This is a concrete demonstration of the government’s commitment to using its new-found wealth to improve the lives of its citizens.”
— U.S. Ambassador to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, R. Niels Marquardt, 7/7/2005

“And as I said to [President Obiang], I hope we can help you set a gold standard of how a country manages its oil revenue and lets its people know what’s happening to them. I think it’s [working with Equatorial Guinea] a terrific opportunity and I was very impressed with his leadership and his government’s leadership.”
— World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, 6/23/05